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thermoplastic Roof Durable, versatile and attractive, thermoplastics are a popular choice for many reasons.

Key Features

  • Light colored
  • Reflects heat for lower utility costs and greater comfort inside
  • Attractive — aesthetically pleasing, especially for sloped applications
  • Heat — weldability

Additional Features

  • More tear-resistant than EPDM membranes — up to five times more puncture-
    and tear-resistant than a non-reinforced EPDM membrane
  • Much more resistant to animal fats, oils, and contaminants than rubber (EPDM) is
  • More suited to chemical situations — some can withstand significant chemical attack
  • Can be applied in the winter
  • Can offer compatible thermoplastic-clad metal flashings


  • Less resistant to ultra-violet attack than EPDM (rubber membranes)
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