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Roof Integrity Report

Want to know the status of all your roofs right now? Imagine a detailed report documenting and prioritizing any problems or potential problems on your roof. Upstate Roofing & Painting's customized Roof Integrity Report comes complete with:

  • digital photographs documenting all surface problem and irregularities
  • complete CAD drawings
  • an analysis of prior year’s repairs
  • a core sample analysis of each roof area
  • a roof condition/life expectancy rating
  • a 5 year roof improvement schedule
  • a computerized budget forecast
  • an annual roof status review

Our comprehensive report covers multiple buildings and roofing systems — whatever properties you specify

  • At your request, we'll inspect the flashing around everything on your roof, too — chimneys, AC line sets, exhaust units, etc. — for water-tightness.
  • We'll also note any problems we observe with non-roof mechanical penetrations.

Your Roof Integrity Report prioritizes repairs and maintenance

  • low, medium, and high
  • lets you create an effective schedule and budget for dealing with problems and maintenance over time
Integrity In Action