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Five Things To Know Before You Select Your Roofer

Five Things To Know Before You Select
Your Roofing/Painting Professional

Construction projects are often a major investment — and one that needs to perform dependably for many years. Again, the integrity of your project will be directly proportionate to the integrity of your selecting the right contractor is vital. Here's a checklist of key issues to explore as you make your choice.

1. Safety
Be certain to select a reputable contractor that makes the safety of its workers a priority. You want a company that cares — because a company that doesn't care for its people isn't likely to care about the quality of its work. Ask contractors you're considering to describe any safety training they offer their employees...then be sure to compare whatever they provide with Upstate Roofing & Painting's comprehensive safety education programs.

2. Insurance
Many building owners have been sued in cases involving contractors who had inadequate or nonexistent insurance coverage. Don't take a chance — ask any prospective roofing contractors for copies of their worker's comp and liability certificates. Liability coverage should be at a level of at least two million dollars per incidence. Upstate Roofing & Painting carries a $5,000,000 umbrella insurance policy, with $2,000,000 bonding capacity.

3. Maintenance
Installing a roof is one thing; inspecting it and maintaining it is something else entirely. Proper maintenance is crucial; it can extend the life of your roof for several years. However, the ability to accurately diagnose roofing problems can only be mastered after years of experience. So ask prospective roofing contractors — do they have dedicated inspectors and maintenance personnel? If so, how many years of experience do their field technicians have? Do they offer an official maintenance program? Compare their answers to Upstate Roofing & Painting's approach to inspection and maintenance.

4. Capabilities
There are enormous differences in the capability levels of different roofing contractors. To provide you with the best roofing solution, a contractor needs solid expertise in the strengths and weaknesses of all roofing systems — so check and see how their knowledge stacks up against this roofing system overview. And make sure any contractor you're considering is manufacturer-approved to install the system they recommend.

5. Experience of Installers
In the construction business, there's no substitute for experience. Any professional contractor should be prepared to tell you how long they've been in business, a list of projects they've completed, and how many people they employ on staff. They should also be willing to supply references from other customers. Ask for this information, then compare it to Upstate Roofing & Painting's Experience and Customer Testimonials.

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