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Commercial Roofing Systems

Built Up Roofs

Once the traditional approach to flat roofing in America, Built-Up Roofing Systems are enjoying renewed popularity due to significant improvements in materials, design and application techniques.

Key Feature

  • Durability. The strength of today’s composite, built-up roofing systems make them resistant to puncturing and general rooftop abuse. They are often a great choice for roofs that see a great deal of traffic.

Additional Features

  • Good life expectancy (15-25 years) if properly maintained
  • Easy to maintain and service
  • Reliable
  • Can be completed without a final coat of gravel for projects requiring a finished surface that is both smooth and ultraviolet light-reflective


  • Limited ability to handle expansion and contraction requiring the installation of expansion joints
  • Ponding water can shorten the roof’s effective service life
  • Can emit an offensive odor during the installation process
  • Caution required during installation due to the need for an open flame
  • More maintenance is generally required
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