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Roof Maintenance Program

Comprehensive Roof Maintenance Program

Want to know the status of all your roofs right now? Imagine a detailed report giving you the ability to identify roofing problems in their earliest stages, before they become costly major headaches. A report so thorough, you'll be able to pinpoint roof maintenance and repair opportunities, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in future repair work. And because the fee for our Maintenance Program can be used as a credit towards future repair work, you can receive a full return on your investment. It's all part of Upstate Roofing & Painting's Roof Maintenance Program.

Your Roof Integrity Report Comes Complete With:
  • Digital photographs documenting all roofing defects observed.
  • Complete CAD drawings.
  • A roof condition/life expectancy rating.
  • Estimates on required maintenance and repairs.
Your Report Will Prioritize Required Maintenance & Repairs
  • Creates an effective schedule and budget for dealing with maintenance problems and repair requirements.
  • We'll report on single or multiple buildings whatever properties you specify and on any kind of roof you have.
We'll Inspect Flashings Around Everything On Your Roof, Too
  • Chimneys, AC line-sets, exhaust units, etc. — for water-tightness.
  • We'll also note any non-roof related problems we observe during our inspection.
Initial Investment
  • Our initial inspection only costs .01 cents per square foot (minimum $200.00)
  • Your entire inspection fee can be used as a credit towards any service work that is completed during the same calendar year.
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